Corporate Social Responsibility

African Express Airways Corporate Social Responsibility Program is a program committed to enriching the lives and livelihoods of the less fortunate. We take time to visit local communities and provide them with necessities. We have done several visits to these local communities. With the aid of the program, we have been able reach several families who have been victims of severe droughts in Kenya and Somalia

African Express Airways has plans to expand its Corporate Social Responsibility Program to continue enriching more lives by shading some lights to less fortunate families.

CSR Programs


Computer training and Lab instalation in schools


Providing and supporting young children with thier education


African Express Sponsored Students

1Short history

African Express Airways was established in 1986. It is the second fully Kenyan designated airline to multiple destinations around the world. Based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, African Express Airways is the largest privately owned airline in East Africa.


VISION To be a world class airline, doing professional passenger and cargo services. To be an airline of choice to its customers, employer of choice to its employees and investment of choice to its owners.

MISSION To do our best in offering safe, reliable and quality services and more importantly treat our customers as our employers.

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